Labs / Incubator
  • Alex Kozlov
  • 482 do it great: select the case and try the new tech to solve it strictly in 3 weeks
  • make 100 design thinking workshops / product reports
  • Check out IDEO Hackathon/course
  • Помогать находить команду для хакатона
  • Setup research refinement method (right question, stakeholders, links etc)
  • Refine interview practices
  • Crash test / Ideation
  • Advisory process


Improve Developer Experience for protocols

  • исследования кто сейчас делает в этом направлении
  • анализ devX для платформ (например remix) - можно даже получить грант
  • юзабилити для девелоперов (DevX)
  • понять кому этот юзабилити важен
  • сделать анализ по юзабилити самых массовых и ценных приложений
  • Исследования кто сейчас делает в этом направлении
  • Поддержку можем обеспечивать на постоянное основе
  • особенно хорошо для новых проектов
  • Нужны дизайнеры, технические райтеры и переводчики (для документации)

Before the start checklist

  • Is it human centric problem?
  • How clear is the solution? (if clear – no need)
  • How ambiguous and complex is the challenge?
  • Is exploration safe for the organization?
  • Can we get the feedback from target audience in the short terms?

Problem Identification

  • History about the problem
  • Market potential (volume, growth etc)
  • Existent solution and what's missing

Challenge Definition

Identify a driving question that inspires others to search for creative solutions. Define better the current state & challenge the current understanding of right.
  • Briefing
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Research board
  • Challenge reframing

Challenge Researching

Inspire new thinking by discovering what people really need.
  • Desk research
  • Persona description (jobs to be done, pains, gains)
  • Customer journey
  • Stakeholder interview
  • Expert interview
  • Ethnography (+auto-ethnography, journal)
  • Substitute analysis (blue ocean)
  • Reference wall
  • Observation
  • Interview Recruiting (direct, ad-hoc, snowball, social networks...)
  • In-depth interviews
  • Research triangulation
  • Extremal users

Solution Ideation

Push past obvious solutions to get to breakthrough ideas.
  • Doodling
  • Brainstorm (+trampoline)
  • Crazy8
  • Brainwriting (6-3-5)
  • 3 slides
  • Lean Canvas
  • Now-How-Wow Matrix
  • Ritual Dissent


Build rough prototypes to learn how to make ideas better.
  • Clickable prototypes
  • Agile / Scrum
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Scenarios & Storyboards
  • Sprint Questions


Refine ideas by gathering feedback and experimenting forward.
  • User Testing
  • Surveying
  • Product Analytics
  • A/B Testing
  • Focus groups
  • The mom test


Craft a human story to inspire others toward action.
  • Paper / article
  • Presentation


  • Oct 11-13 EthWaterloo
  • Research products done on the hackathon for potential value

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