Welcome to BUIDL ua community

BUIDL ua is a community of blockchain developers in Ukraine.

Our vision is to support the creation of more cool blockchain products in Ukraine through:

  • building the community connections through meetups and chat (ping @Polygnom to get invited)

  • expertise exchange

  • cross function collaboration

  • participation in the global movement (hackathons, discussion)

  • supporting the value of decentralization values in Ukraine

  • building teams and product concepts (check our drafts on DevX, Usability and Interoperability)

Visit our forum for more info: https://buidltogether.com/

Intro from one of our meetups (in russian):

Use our logo and graphics: https://www.figma.com/file/K4kJkmeGJ79lp5T9UEG1Uvry/BUIDL-ua